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After ISIL One Day Conference

The purpose of this one-day conference is to help the Special Operation Forces (SOF) community’s strategic planning and forward posturing by accessing academic expertise to answer this question: what are the greatest challenges and opportunities to peace and stability after the military defeat of ISIS?

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Resources and Resiliency

The United States Department of Defense has awarded the Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict Analysis and Simulation (LUCAS) a $1.6 million Minerva Initiative grant to conduct fundamental research on the resiliency of strategic actors.

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Course of Action Simulator

The Course of Action Simulator (CAS) was developed as an analytical and educational model of how two states adopt courses of action in response to threats, resource constraints, and complex priorities.

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Computational Security Studies

The domain of international security is best understood in terms of its growing complexity. The research of international security is best constructed with tools that address this complexity

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Cultural Discourses Analytics

As the U.S. Army Operating Concepts states, “Army forces [must] process cross-cultural capabilities that permit them to operate effectively among populations” [1][2].

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Social Network Analysis

Iranian strategic decision- making remains largely misunderstood by the West. The system in place does make the Supreme Leader the ultimate decision-maker, and it does give the president constitutional authority.

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What is Complexity

Complexity is the underlying science to all we do. Dr. Rivera recently gave a talk on Complexity for the Department of Defense’s Office of Basic Research’s inaugural Science Technology and Innovation Exchange. That talk is available here.

About Us

LUCAS was created to fill the need for advanced complex analytical thinking in both academic research and operational missions.
The contemporary security environment is complex...

...and increasingly challenging in new ways. As such, we combine academic and modeling support to the Special Operations and Intelligence Communities in their fight against Violent Extremist Organizations. We bring the academic and subject matter expertise of the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University and the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, as we are the Computational Security Studies arm of both organizations.

Tony Rivera

Tony is a visiting assistant professor with the Social Science Research Institute, a core researcher with the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, and a Strategic Adviser to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Tony is also a specialist in Iranian Grand Strategy and the Principal Investigator on the Minerva Initiative funded Resources and Resiliency Grant. Tony is also an accomplished Jazz singer!

James Wu

Lead Developer
James became LUCAS’s Lead Developer for the Resources and Resiliency project in May 2016 after joining the lab as a software developer in the previous fall. His work for the lab includes contributing to and managing the development of the Geospatial Analysis Toolkit (GAT) directing the lab’s developing team, and working with the lab’s PI in grant writing and management projects. James is currently a Duke undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and Statistics.

Nikita Zemlevskiy

Nikita is a sophomore at Duke University from Stamford, CT. He is studying Physics and Computer Science. Nikita will be developing the Geospatioal analysis toolkit and the System dynamics module. In his free time, Nikita likes to swim and travel.

Brian Hur

Brian is a Sophomore at Duke University studying Computer Science and Mathematics. He is interested in data analysis and software engineering. His work focuses on developing Social Network analysis toolkit. In his free time, Brian likes to play Tetris Battle and cook Asian food.

Our Motivation