July 17, 2016

Who We Are


“The integration of technology, computational power, history, theory, and social science will make for not only smarter special operations and analysts, but special operators and analysts that are smarter where smartness can have the biggest dynamical, non-linear, leveraged payoff.”

-Dr. W. A. Rivera, PhD, Director of LUCAS


LUCAS was created to fill the need for advanced complex analytical thinking in both academic research and operational missions. The contemporary security environment is complex and increasingly challenging in new ways. As such, we combine academic and modeling support to the Special Operations and Intelligence Communities in their fight against Violent Extremist Organizations. We bring to bear the energy and enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity, and dedication of the best students and analysts available. Training the next generation of analysts is part of our core mission. 




Because the world of international security is often seen as a world of conflict and war, many people join this world to fight the bad guys, destroy their enemies. At LUCAS we understand the need for kinetic action, for combat, and the ugly necessity of war.

But we strive for a world where caring for each other is more pronounced than defeating each other. We work to support the war fighter, even as we strive to reduce the need for war. We strive, too, to help decision-makers take better care of those impacted by war.

But while we think about these things in their global sense, we also strive to care for each other individually. We cannot claim to care about the world while we are unkind to the person before us.

We care, too, about our professional image, reputation. We care, too, that we communicate in an open and honest way and that we maintain transparency in all our professional endeavors.

LUCAS is defined by an ethic of Care.



Because we believe our mission is important we take pains to make sure we are organized and efficient. We do not take lightly the trust that is placed in us by those who fund us, those who work with us, those who rely on us. We deliver product on time because we are guided by integrity, honest communication, and transparency. We are able to do this because we are highly organized.

Organization, however, is more than just executing items on a list in a timely fashion; it is more than meeting deadlines in an efficient way. Organization is about understanding that we rely on each other and that no single person can accomplish the LUCAS mission without a team that works together towards common goals.

This organization, therefore, is about empowering each individual that works with us to achieve their maximum creative and analytic potential. Organization is not just about deliverables and accountability, although those things matter immensely; organization is about people.

LUCAS is defined by an ethic and high degree of Organization.



Because our mission contributes to national security and because we are team-driven, it is essential that we all embrace our responsibilities. This is partly captured by our ethic of care principle. This is also partly captured by our organization. But responsibility must go beyond even these important elements. We are responsible for what we produce, we are responsible for the person we work with, we are responsible for how our product impacts security, and we are responsible for how we execute our tasks.

From the Director to each individual team member, we take our responsibilities seriously, even as we have fun, enjoy, and laugh—a lot. Responsibility is complementary to organization and is a manifestation of our ethic of care. If we shirk our responsibilities we fail to care for the mission and our team members and we injure the organization. Responsibility is not a burden, it is a natural outflow of our very character.

LUCAS is defined by an ethic of Responsibility.



Because all of the above amounts to nothing but words on a screen unless we take the time to realize, actualize, and embody these ethics, we put forth our best effort to accomplish our goals with these ethics as guiding principles. Whether you work 5 hours a week or 90, whether you are Director or intern, regardless of position and station, your effort to embody these principles is what makes LUCAS successful. And success is measured by the value of your experience, not just in terms of client satisfaction. YOU matter, this is why we put in so much effort. Your effort propels us forward.

An effort that is informed by care, organization, and responsibility will guarantee our success, our unique position, and provide opportunity to others just like you for years to come. A lack of effort, or an effort not guided by these principles will move forward in inches, where it could leap forward in yards, because we put forward our effort together guided by right principle. And all the right principles in the world are but ideas unless you make them real through your effort.

LUCAS is defined by an ethic of Effort.

What we have built is like no other. What we endeavor to accomplish for each and every one of us is only possible because of each and every one of us. We are already the difference we hope to make in the world. And we have only just begun.