Resources and Resiliency

North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and nations in the Middle East are home to the most water-starved communities on the planet.  Changes in water access can threaten human security in general and humanitarian and economic stability in particular. Climate-driven strife can compound political and social instabilities, worsening conflict where it already occurs and increasing vulnerability Read more about Resources and Resiliency[…]

Mapping Hizb’allah and Al Quds

Since September 11, 2001 the United States has expended virtually immeasurable power, wealth, and life in hot pursuit of Al Qaida and the many subsequent groups of that ilk that have since emerged. While that war was necessary it also afforded great cover to America’s other rivals/enemies. This research project examines the role of Hizb’allah and Read more about Mapping Hizb’allah and Al Quds[…]

Social Movements and Conflict

Shi’a Islam is a cleric based religion. Each Shi’a selects a Marja, one worthy of emulation, and follows his teachings. These teachings range from spiritual matters; issues of family, marriage, property, and inheritance; to political matters. While there are several Marjas, the most influential Marja is Grand Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani of Najaf, Iraq. Sistani Read more about Social Movements and Conflict[…]

Technical Supplement for CAS

Technical Supplement for Course of Action Simulator Luke A. Maier Technical Paper 2014-1v2   Summary: The Course of Action Simulator (CAS) was developed as an analytical and educational model of how two states adopt courses of action in response to threats, resource constraints, and complex priorities. This analytical tool was featured in several presentations and Read more about Technical Supplement for CAS[…]