August 16, 2016

Course of Action Simulator (CAS)

CAS is a strategic course of action agent-based model analytical tool. CAS examines course of action strategies in relations between actors who have several contested issues in common. In our sample model, the U.S. is represented as having several elements of national power it deploys to influence/deter Iran to move the contested issues in their security/strategic world-view space. The goal is to get Iran to assess an object as more or less securitized and therefore to get more or less of Iran’s elements of national power deployed in a certain way, more aligned to U.S. interests. In this way, the model is designed to help decision makers determine the best strategic course of action in a dyadic relationship of deterrence.


CAS is also a pedagogical tool. With quick training CAS can be used to simulate sets of strategic relations and supplement strategic education.

Continued development of CAS is open source and meant to contribute to a larger community of modelers and practitioners. We are particularly interested in partnering with strategic security practitioners, physicists, mathematicians, modelers, and developers—students and professors alike.


These three files provide simulations of three scenarios; the U.S. has a different identity in each, and Iran’s identity is held constant for demonstration purposes.  They illustrate how both sides can adopt different courses of action if one side changes its decision-making preferences.

Scenario 1:

S1: Analysis

S1: Output

Scenario 2:

S2: Analysis

S2: Output

Scenario 3:

S3: Analysis

S3: Output


Download the Course Action Simulator End User Edition  cas_useredition

Download the Course Action Simulator Developer Edition cas_developeredition

User Manual for the Course Action Simulator  Read More

Technical Specifications Read More

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