July 8, 2016

Hizb’allah and Al Quds

Hizballah-in-LASince September 11, 2001 the United States has expended virtually immeasurable power, wealth, and life in hot pursuit of Al Qaida and the many subsequent groups of that ilk that have since emerged. While that war was necessary it also afforded great cover to America’s other rivals/enemies. This research project examines the role of Hizb’allah and Iran’s Al Quds Force as a threat to the U.S. While we recognize that in Lebanon, Hizb’allah is a social service provider, militia, political party, and a virtual state within a state, this project examines Hizb’allah’s activities in the Greater Middle East, Africa, and Latin America and asks: is Hizb’allah a threat to the U.S.? It also seeks to examine the operational scope of Al Quds in establishing Hizb’allah cells, and Hizb’allah type organizations, throughout the world.